Founded in the summer of 2010, Bluestack Records is an independent record label from Ireland. Run by a small team of music lovers we provide a platform for new music. In this age of 'free' we aim to help artists survive and grow. If you like what you hear, please support the artist, if you can.

Simply, we love music of all genres and how it can resonate with people.

Thank-you for listening.

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Some Random Facts:

- The Bluestack Records logo (left) features an outline of the Bluestack mountain range in south Donegal, Ireland.

- If you arrange over 15,000 stills photos correctly in order you get this 2m54s long video for Ambience Affair's Devil in the Detail.

- The Casanova Wave's favourite sport is 'Hurling'. But you'd never know that from his tweets.

- We are looking for the right name for the Bluestack 'stag' which features on our logo and buttons. Suggestions are welcome.