Nocturnes - The Soft Animal CD


Nocturnes - The Soft Animal CD



The Soft Animal is the new album by Nocturnes

Limited Edition Compact Disc


1. Mare Ditat (The Sea Restores)
2. The Antler
3. Whale Song
4. Heikegani
5. On The Mississippi
6. The Soft Animal
7. Serpents
8. Yma
9. Dear Infant

Songs and lyrics by Pearse McGloughlin

Music by Pearse McGloughlin and Enda Roche

Vocals, guitars, percussion, autoharp, synthesiser and keys by Pearse McGloughlin

Guitars, backing vocals, drums, percussion, synthesiser and keys by Enda Roche

Vocals on 'Heikegani' by Adrian Crowley

Strings on 'Heikegani' and 'Dear Infant' by Christophe Capewell

Bass on 'Heikegani' by Gregory Breen

Harmonica on 'On the Mississippi' by Christian Volkmann

Engineered, mixed and produced by Darragh Nolan at Asta Kalapa

Tracks 1 and 6 recorded by Pearse McGloughlin

Additional recording on tracks 2,3,4 and 5 by Pearse McGloughlin

Mastering by Andy Davenport at Edgeworth Studios, New Zealand

Artwork by Darragh Nolan 

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