Burials by Ambience Affair (Vinyl)


Burials by Ambience Affair (Vinyl)


Burials is the excellent debut album from Ambience Affair.

This vinyl version comes with a free download code for the digital version of the album.

"Burials is packed with intensity... A rambunctious record." - The Sunday Times 
"A fantastic record" - State.ie 
"Burials is a beautiful blitzkrieg: thoughtful, accomplished, powerful." - Hotpress

Track listing: 
1. Weeds 
2. Fragile Things 
3. War Weary (Part One) 
4. To be Led 
5. The Fallen 
6. Tides (of nothing) 
7. Tearing at the Seams 
8. War Weary (Part Two) 
9. War Weary (Part Three) 
10. Lost at the Start 
11. (---)

Release Date: 14/10/2011 
Catalogue Number: BSR002


For Digital Download via Bandcamp click here.


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