Joy Of Being (CD) by The Casanova Wave


Joy Of Being (CD) by The Casanova Wave


Joy of Being is the debut album from The Casanova Wave. It is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed eponymous debut EP.

"Simply put 'Joy Of Being' is a joyous, wonderful album." - Dan Hegarty (The Alternative RTE 2fm/2XM) 
"Stuffed full of uplifting electronic pop" - State Magazine 
"The kind of earworm that is always welcomed when it comes your way" - Jim Carroll (The Irish Times)

Track Listing: 
1. How the Beat was Tempered 
2. The Light 
3. The Victoria Principle 
4. A Song for Grace 
5. The Fox's Den 
6. Play, for the Night is Coming 
7. 11:13 
8. The Casanova Wave 
9. Kimota! 
10. All Of It's Yours

Release Date: 13/07/2012 
Catalogue Number: BSR004

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